Lone Ranger & Silver

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Once the Lone Ranger was out on the prarie when he was captured by a bunch of indians.

They took him back to the camp & said, "Lone Ranger, the rules are we must kill you in three days."

"Well... damn, that ain't much time!" said the Lone Ranger.

"But, to whomever we kill, gets three wishes, one per day, before he dies."

"Well..." started the Lone Ranger, "I'd like to see my ole horse Silver, if that's all right."

The indian chief nodded, and another indian brought Silver to him. The Lone Ranger whispered something in Silver's ear, and then he took off out across the prarie.

A few hours later, Silver comes trotting back, with a beautiful blonde on his back, she goes in the Lone Ranger's tent & they have whoopee, the next morning she gets up & leaves.

The head indian is impressed & says, "You have one smart horse, Lone Ranger. But the rules stand, you have two days left, and two more wishes."

"Well, ya know, I think I'd like to see Silver again," said the Lone Ranger.

The head chief said to another indian to go get Silver, and again the Lone Ranger whispered something in his ear, off he went across the praire.

A few hours later, Silver returned to the tent with a beautiful brunette, she goes in the tent, they have whoopee & the next morning she gets up & leaves.

"Man, you have an incredible horse!" said the chief indian.

Finally the third day comes around, the head chief says, "Tomorrow you will die, so today is your last day, and last wish."

"Well, okay. I guess... I'd like to see Silver just one last time."

Again, the chief fetches for Silver.

The Lone Ranger steps up to Silver, grabs him by the ears, and says "Dammit Silver I said passé!'


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