little red wagon

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One day little Tommy was at the store with his mom and he seen a little red wagon and he runs to his mom and says "mommy please can I have that little red wagon" and his mother said "If you realy think that you diserve that little red wagon then I want you to write jesus and tell him why you think you should have it." so when they get home Tommy runs to his room and get a piece of paper and a pen and starts writing..."dear jesus. I've been a very very very very very good boy and I think I diserv that little red wagon". He stops writing and thinks"I shouldn't lie to jesus" so he crumbles up the note and throws it away and gets a new piece of paper and writes"jesuse I've been a pretty god boy and I think that i diserv to have that little red wagon and thinks, "I shouldn't lie to jesus". Thinks agin and crummbles up the paper and throws it away. He thinks and thinks and thinks untill he comes up with somthing. He runs out of the bedroom and down the steps,past is mother and out the door,he runs down the street untill he gets to a curch and walks to the plastic figures in the front of the curch and gets down on his knees and pretends to pray,he quickly puts the virgan marry figure in is poket and runs back home up the stairs and back to his room were he then gets a piece of paper and his pen and rights,"dear jesus,I got yo mamma and I better get that liitle red wagon!!!


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