Old married couples

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There was once an old couple who had been married for sixty years. They were a poor couple who were irritated with each other very much. Since they were poor they would go without a meal every now and then. The old woman who was tired of going hungry decided to take action. She broke into HEB after hours to steal a variety of canned goods. She was eventually caught since she left behind a variety of evidence. Even though she stole many fruits and vegetables the only thing they caught her for was stealing two cans of peaches. Upon hearing this piece of evidence the Judge then asked the lady how many peaches were in both of the cans, the old lady then answered that were 14 in the cans. The Judge then said I will put you in jail for 14 days then. The old thinking of how great the break from his wife could be devised a plan. " Your honor, she also stole a can of peas."


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