Watch what you say when young kids are around!

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One day when a little boy named Mark(the youngest in the family) is at kindergarten, his teacher says, "Mark, I want you to please learn any 6 numbers that you can by tomorrow.

So Mark goes home. His mother is yelling at his father. "say a number!", shouts Mark. "You're stupid!", the mother is saying to the father. She does not hear Mark.

Mark goes into his 8-year-old brother Nate's room. "say a number!", shouts Mark.Nate is playing video games and does not hear Mark. "YES!", he shouted.

Mark goes into his 10-year-old sister Susan's room. "Say a number", he demands. She is listening. "2500!", she says.

Happy, Mark goes into his 13-year-old brother Josh's room.Josh is watching the television and talking on the phone. "say a number!", shouts Mark.At the same time, Josh's caller asks what he is watching on the TV. "The Terminator", says Josh. He does not see Mark.

Mark then wanders into his rowdy 15-year-old brother Kenneth's room. Kenneth is also a big fan of the Terminator. "say a number!", shouts Mark. "My next victim of termination!", hisses Kenneth.

Last, Mark goes to see his last sibling, Dave, in the basement where he practices karate. Dave is talking to a friend who is over. They are talking about karate. "say a number!", shouts Mark. Dave does not hear him. "How will you break the board?", Dave's friend asks. "With my fists, of course!", screams Dave.

The next day at kindergarten, Mark's teacher asks him to say a number. "You're stupid!", he says. She asks him if he wants to go to the principal. "Yes!", he says.

The principal decides to give him the usual punishment. "How many lines would you like to write?", he asks Mark. "2500!", Mark screams. The principal, astonished, says "Mark, who do you think you are?" "The Terminator!", mark shouts. "And who do you think I am?", the annoyed principa says. "My next victim of termination!", Mark says. "Oh, really? And how do you plan to terminate me?", the now extremely angry principal shouts. "With my fists, of course!", Mark says.


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CE68M_Watch what you say when young kids are around!

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