The Troublesome Alphabet

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A teacher asks a boy to learn the alphabet. The little boy goes home to his mother, who's on the phone.

He asks her what is the first letter of the alphabet, and she said "Shoosh!" So he then goes to his older brother who is playing video games.

The little boy asks his older brother "What's the second letter of the alphabet?" His brother replies, "YESSSS!" because he got to the next level of the game.

He then goes to his younger brother who's watching the wiggles and the boy asks him, "What's the third letter of the alphabet?" And his little brother says "Broom Broom, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car!"

The next day at school, the boy's teacher asks him "What's the first letter of the alphabet?" The boy replies, "Shoosh!" The teacher then says, "Do you want to be sent to the princible's office?" The boy replies,"YESS!" The teacher says, "How do you thing you're going to get away with this?" And the boy replies, "Broom Broom, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car!"


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CE5RL_The Troublesome Alphabet

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