how to find out if you have a big or small dick

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this is only if you have balls. all guys want to know if they are small or big but dont know how to find out without asking a girl and looking stupid. so i thought of away. first you need to go to a place you never go so people wont know who you are. then find the girls bathroom or lockeroom also make sure the girls that are in there are good looking or you may regret this. then enter the bathroom or lockeroom. as soon as the girls see you they will scream but dont run. this is were you pull down your pants and either 2 things will happen the girl will keep screaming this means you are small and if the girl blackouts and falls to the floor you are rlealy small but if the girl stops screaming you are big and you could get lucky note: make sure you dont enter into the wrong bathroom or lockeroom resault this will be bad.


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CE4DW_how to find out if you have a big or small dick

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