Danny Phanotm meets Michel Jackson

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Sing to tune of Danny Phantom's theeme song... Yo michel Jackson he was just 14 when his parents buit a very strange machine designed to rape a world unseen. Hes gonna rape us all cause he's Michel Jackson

It didn't quite work his folks they just quit then Michel took a look inside of it there was a great big flash everything just changed his hormones got all rearanged. Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson

When he 1st woke up he relized he had snow white skin and his nose was thin, he could walk through walls (or bedroom doors for that matter) disaper and fly he could rape much more than the other guy it was then what he knew what he had to do he had to rape all the ghost that were coming through hes here to rape me and you.

Hes gona rape us all cause he's Michel jackson. Repeat4 times


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CE4CV_Danny Phanotm meets Michel Jackson

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