slammin yo momma #3

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Yo momma so poor i saw her kickin a tin can down the street, and when i asked her what is she doin, she said what havent u seen a mobile home before

yo momma so poor she watch t.v. on an Ethc-A-sketch

yo momma so dumb that when her daughter had a heart attack, she dialed 911 on the microwave

yo momma so dumb she tried to hang herself with a cordless phone

yo momma so bald headed she curls her hair with rice

yo momma so dumb she tried to kill herself by jumping off a buliding, and got lost on the way down

yo momma so dumb that when you were born she said wow it comes with cable too

yo momma so dumb she asked me what letter come after X and i said Y and she said because I wanna know

yo momma so dumb she thought gang-grene was a golf course


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CE3WO_slammin yo momma #3

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