plane crash

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Two men went moose hunting in Alaska. They had to take a plane to get there and to use on the return trip. So, they found a small bush plane with an expireinced driver.

Once they got to Alaska, they hunted six moose. When they got back to the plane, however, The pilot could only carry three of the moose.

After hearing this, the men argued, "last year we had the same type of plane as this and the pilot let us bring all six moose on!"

After a while of arguing, the pilot finally gave in, letting the men bring all six of their moose on.

So, the plane struggles to take off, but once it does, it wobbles in the air for about a mile before crashing.

After the men climb through the debris, one man says to the other, "how far did we make it?".

The other man then replies, "About how far we made it last time".


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CE3IA_plane crash

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