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?whats this whats that?

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read this its totaly worth the laugh trust me

theres this little boy and he goes in to his moms and dads room and there fighting the mom calls the dad a bastard and the dad calls the mom a bitch the little boy ask what are bitches and bastards and they reply there just ladies and gentalmen son that night they had sex and the dad said to the mom you have contry boobs and the mom says u have country balls and the little boy asks what are country boobs and country balls and they say oh just hats and coats son the next day is thanksgiving and the mom is in the kitchen cutting the turkey and she says oh fuck because she cutt her finger and the boy asks whats fuck oh its just cutting the turkey son the mom replyed so the little boy goes up stairs and his dad is shaveing and says shit because he cut himself and the little boy asked whats shit and the dad replys oh its just my shaveing cream son then the door bell reingss and the boy says hello bitches and bastards, hang up your country boobs and country balls moms in the kitchen fucking the turkey and dads up stairs putting shit on his face

i told you it was worth it


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CE38J_?whats this whats that?

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