Dumb blonde

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one day a blonde wearing headphones goes into the hair salon.she sits down in the chair and tells the stylist, i'd like a hair cut,please,but whatever you do dont take off my headphones! ok said the stylist,a bit confused. so she starts to cut the womans hair. after cutting the sides and back the stylist needs to cut on the top part of her haed,but the headphones are in the way. she looks at the woman and finding her asleep she dicdes that she will never know that the headphones were removed,so the stylist removes the headphones and finishes citting her hair.

About an hour later, the stylist is done and the blonde is still sleeping. so she tries to wake her up but finds thst she is dead. Damn! said the stylist what happened. so she put the headphones on just to see why the woman didnt want them off. she heard a voice saying over and over "breathe in, breathe out. breathe in, breathe out"!!

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CE0NC_Dumb blonde

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