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one day an 85 year old man went to the doctor for his yearly check up. before he was finished, the doctor said i'm going to need a sperm sample. take this jar home, fill it up, and bring it back to me tomorrow.the man took the jar home.

the next day he returned to the doctor and gave him the jar. the jar is still empty!! the doctor exclaimed. what happened? well doc its like this. I took that dumb-ass jar of yours home and first i tried with my left hand and nothing. so then i tried with my right hand and nothing. then i tried with my mouth! and still nothing.

so then my wife tried to help me. first she tried with her left hand and nothing, then she tried with her right hand and nothing. then she tried with her mouth, and nothing! i didnt know what else to do, so i called my hot next door neighbor to come and help. she tried with her left hand and nothing. she tried with her right hand and nothing. she even tried with her mouth and nothing! wait one minute said the doctor, you had your nextdoor neighbor try and help you!what are you some kind of freak? yes said the man i even had my neighbor try and help me and none of us could get that damn jar open!!

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CE0MB_old man physical

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