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Three guys are in hevean and they see St. Peter

The first guy goes up to him and St. Petert asks "how did you get up here?" The first guy replies "Well I was working out on my treadmill when I suddenly tripped and fell out my window, luckily I grabbed on to the level below my window. As I'm holding on someone jumps on my hand and I fell into a tree. and if that wasn't enough, a fridge was chucked on top of me.

St.Peter replies "Okay you may come in" opening the pearly gates

Now the second man goes up to St.Peter

"So how did you die?" asked St.Peter The second man replies "Well I've been suspicious of my wife having an affair. So I get home from work and I see my wife naked. So in rage I look around the house looking for the person she is sleeping with. Then on the window I see fingers so I jumped on them and the guy landed into a tree. Because I'm still angry I grabbed the fridge and chucked it on him. that night I died of a heart attack"

"You may go in" said St.Peter opening the pearly gates As the second person walks through the pearly gate, St.Peter thinks to him self "this story is getting better and better"

So the third guy walks up to St.Peter "And how did you die?" asked St.Peter "Picture this... I'm naked in the refrigerator"


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