three ropes

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three pieces of rope went into a bar. the first rope sat down and said "i'd like three beers,please." the bartender looked at him and said "we dont serve ropes around here."

discourged,the rope went back to his friends and said, "they dont serve ropes here." the second rope said "thats bullshit!!i'll go get us some beers. 2 mins later he came back and said "the bartender wouldnt serve me :("

so the third rope who's ends were a little frayed said "i'll get us the beers if its the last thing i do." he was so angry that he worked himself into a knot, and walked up to the bartender and said "i'd like three beers, please." the bartender looked at him and said " i told your friends that we dont serve ropes aroend here, arent you a rope?" and the rope looked at him and replied "nope i'm a frayed knot"!! ;)


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