Midget at a Urinal

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A man is using the restroom one day while shopping and he sees a midget at the urinal next to his. He looks down at the midget and says hello. The midget replies, "Hi, I am a leprechaun and I like you. I am going to grant you three wishes." Pleasantly suprised the man gladly accepts. He says, "I wish I had a three story house" The midget repies, "When you get home, a four story house will be waiting for you." Suprised the man says, "For my second wish, I'd like a brand new yellow and black Hummer fully-loaded." The midget says, "There will be three Hummers waiting for you outside, One will be balck, one will be yellow, one will be two-one black and yellow." Having a hard time thinking of a third wish the man says nervously, "Um... I want a, uhh, penis as big as yours." The midget replies, "OK, but you have to let me screw you in the ass first." Rather hesitantly the man pulls down his pants and bends over. Then in the middle of the session the man says, "I can't beleve I am getting fucked by a leprechaun for a big cock." The midget replies, "I can't belive you thought I was a leprechaun!"


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