One Hole Behind

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There is a man and woman who are golfing, but they are not together. The man comes up the the woman, and asks her what hole he is on. She says "I am on the 5th hole, and because you are one hole behind me, you are on the 4th hole". The man says "Thank you", and walks away. Later, the man comes up to the lady again, and asks her what hole he is on. The lady replies "I am on the 14th hole, and because you are one hold behind me, you are on the 13th hole." The man thanks her, and then asks her out to lunch at the golf clubhouse. While they are having lunch, the man asks the lady what she does for a living. She replies, "You're going to laugh, it's really embarassing." The man promises that he won't laugh. The lady tells him that she sells tampons. The man bursts into laughter, and the lady says, "See, I knew that you were going to laugh." The man wipes his eyes, and replies, "No, it's not that, it's just that I sell toilet paper, so I'm still one hole behind you!"


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