The right way to learn your ABCs

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A boy's assignment for the day is to learn the first five letters of the alphabet. Not wanting to disappoint his teacher and classmates, he does it with great gusto.

He asks his brother, who is trying to talk to his girlfriend, "What's the first letter of the alphabet?"

The brother retorts, "SHUT UP!"

The boy then asks his father, who has just finished working on the basement, "What's the second letter of the alphabet?"

The father is beaming in pride, and says to himself, "YES!"

The boy then asks his mother, who is watching Wheel of Fortune, "What's the 3rd letter of the alphabet?"

Not paying attention to her son, she says, "YES! 250!"

The boy then asks his little brother, who is watching Batman, "What's the 4th letter of the alphabet?"

His brother replies, "Dunanananananananan BATMAN!"

The boy then asks his grandmother, "What's the 5th letter of the alphabet?"

The grandmother is cooking rolls, and is about to answer the boys, but smells a burning and says "Oh no! My buns are on fire!"

The next day the boy is called on first to recite his homework. "Now, Billy" says the teacher, "What's the first letter of the alphabet?"

"SHUT UP!" he replies.

Teacher: Would you like to go to the principals office???

Billy: YES!

At the principal's office, the principal deals out the usual punishment. "How many spankings would you like??" he asks.

Billy: 250!

The principal deals out the spankings, and then asks Billy, "Now, who do you think you are?"


The principal, in utter shock, does not say anything, leaving Billy to moan, "Oh, no! My buns are on fire!"


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