The puppet and the bartender

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One day a ventriloquist walked into a bar with his puppet and walked up to the bartender and his puppet said, “give me a beer asshole!” The bartender a little shocked gave him a beer.

The next morning the ventriloquist walked into the bar again, and his puppet said, “give me a beer asshole!” The bartender was more shocked this time and said beck to the puppet, “if you insult me again like that I will shoot you with my gun.”

The next morning, the ventriloquist walked into the bar and his puppet said, “give me a beer… ass hole!” The bartender, furious, pulled out his 12 gauge and shot the ventriloquist clean in the chest.

The next morning, the puppet walked into the bar and said on his most polite tone, “may I have a beer please?” The bartender was happy and asked the puppet, “well you’re in a good mood today… why are you so happy?” The puppet responded, “you’d be happy to if you didn’t have someone’s finger up your ass!”

Ventriloquist: a puppeteer that can make his puppet talk without moving his mouth.


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CDVCC_The puppet and the bartender

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