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The bitch

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A wife and a husband were taking a shower together then the doorbell rang. The wife said she would go and get it. She grabbed a towel and wrapped it around herself. When she opened the door, it was her her husband's friend. Then her husband's friend said, "hey, umm... I'll give u 300 dollars if u let me touch your boobs." She was thinking to herself that she didn't want to do it, but she really needed it so she said yes and let him touch them. Then he said, "I'll give you another 300 dollars if you let me touch your pussy." She was thinking to herself that she couldn't do that, but she really need it, so she said yes and let him touch it. Then he said, "I'll give another 300 dollars if you do it with me." She then was thinking that she couldn't do it, but she need the money so she said yes and did it with him for an hour. When she came back, her husband was in bed, asleep already. He said, "who was that?" She said it was his friend. Then her husband said, "Oh, you mean that bitch that owes me 900 dollars!"


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