Peeing in a Bar

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Peeing In A Bar

A man walks into a bar, sits down and drinks a beer. Then he drinks another beer, and another and...soon he needs to take a leak.

He's standing at the urinal in the men's room, when he looks over and notices three black men standing at the other urinals. The one in the middle has a white cock.

He zips up and, still a bit confused, goes back to the bar.

He orders another beer and thinks about what he had seen.

When the bartender hands him his beer, he leans over and whispers: "I was in the men's room and noticed three black men in there. I swear the one in the middle had a white cock!

The bartender points at three guys sitting at a table. "You mean those guys?"

"Yeah", the man says, "They're the ones."

The bartender grinned. "Those guys aren't black. They're coal miners. The one in the middle must have gone home for lunch."


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