is this wat christmas is?

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on top of a mountain all covered in blood i shot my poor teacher with a 44stun i went to her casket i went to her grave someppl threw flowers i threw a grenade i went to prison i went to jail i took a bazooka and i shot it to h***!

jingle bells batman smells robin laid an egg joker stole the bat mobile and two-face got away hey!

i love u u love me we've been friend s since we were three we both killed ken-nedy now let's ki-ill bar-ney!

lalalala lalalala bush's world lalalala lalalala bush's world he loves his money and his gas to and thaa-ats not all, he plays with the country, taps our water too he can't stop bin laden and hussein too......he loves his wi-ife his daughters too they stole my barbie so i shoot!! that's Bush's world!

Hi this is bush's world, bush is so happy to see you and so is laura! did u pay ur taxes? did u see osama by any chance? do u have any extra ammo and sheilds 'cause i wasted our money on my new deluxe bathroom? could u re-paint my house? o i'm sorry did i just sign our country over to afghanistan? well good luck


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categories: ethnic, race, international news, politics, government work, school





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CDQXS_is this wat christmas is?

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