100 Grand

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These 2 guys on a radio show were giving away 100 Grand to the the 550 Caller.

The 549 Caller ringed in and the the 2 hosts told him srry that you are the 549th caller...the guy replys..."that sux i've been waiting 5 and a half hours trying to get in...o well."

Then the 550 caller rings in and the 2 radio host say, "You my friend have one 100 Grand. Congrats!!!"

The caller replies,"Hell Ya!!! I won....holy shit...i can't believe it, I won...you know what i am going to do with 100 Grand...o my...o my...wait let me calm myself down..."

The host," ok calm your self down...so what are you going to do with a hundred grand...?". Wondering what the possiblities with it would be...

The caller replies," i have been looking for a new friggen shiny truck for weeks...this is so cool."

Host says,"Sir...sir...how are you going to get a truck with a candy bar...yeah we just gave u a 100 grand, candy bar...arn't you happy."

Caller Replies in an angry tone," What the Fuck...i have been on the phone for 5: fricken hours for a f'n candy bar that is no fair...what a rip off...."

...........they hang up on him.....

The two hosts talk among themsleves and one of them says...

"We sure pissed him off"


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