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One day a little boy named Joe was walking through his house on thanksgiving day. He walked into the t.v. room and saw his brother and sister fighting. Joe's brother said to his sister, "you Bitch!". Joe asked, "what does bitch mean?". His brother then said, "well.. umm.. it means umm GIRL!". Then his sister said, "you freaking bastard!" Joe then asked, "what does bastard mean?". Joe's sister then said, "well. umm.. it means umm.. BOY!" please with his new words joe went into his parents bedroom.

When Joe entered his parents room, he saw his mom putting lipstick on. Joe said hi to his mom and suprised, she slipped and got lipstick on her cheek and said, "SHIT!". Joe asked his mother, "mommy, what does shit mean?". His mother then said, "umm. joe.. well it means umm.. LIPSTICK!". Joe again pleased with another new word went downstairs to see his father.

When Joe got downstairs, he saw his dad cooking the turkey. His dad walked over to wash his hands and when he did, joes dad saw that the turkey was burning. Joes father then said, " FUCK!". Joe asked, "daddy, what does fuck mean?" Joes dad then said, "well... umm.. it means umm... to COOK SOMETHING!" Joe once again pleased with his findings went to the front door to greet the guests.

Joe, wanting to show off his grown up words, says to the arriving guests, "hello bitches and bastards! mom's upstairs putting shit on her lips, and dads fucking the turkey!"


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