The elaphant contest

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There was an elephant contest. 3 contestants were told to make the elephant stand-up and wail, and to make the elephant move its head left & right. The contestants were 2 buff guys and a skinny man. The buff guys couldn't make the elephant stand up and wail since it was to heavy. Then the skinny man went up to the area. Then he squatted down, went under the elephant, and whacked the penis. the elephant stood up and wailed in pain. The crowd were extremely confused The second round was to make the elephant shake its head. the buff guys tried to pull the elephant's ear, but it wont budge. then the skinny man went up, held the elephant's ear, and said to it, "hey, would you like me to whack you again?" Then amazingly the elephant, shook its head; it was trying to say, "no"


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CDQ2G_The elaphant contest

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