The 3 Indians

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An indian chief wanted his daughter to marry an indian from the tribe. So he got 3 indians that looked strong and good enough for his daughter, and told them that whoever could pass his test in the less time possible, he would marry his daughter(the indian princess).

"First you must climb mountain, kill bear and then have sex with indian princess, whoever gets less time wins."

So the first one went up the mountain, then the tribe started to hear screams from the indian and a bear. After 2hr the indian came down with the bears head and went in the tent to have sex with the indian princess. Total: 3hr

The second indian went up the mountain, again the tribe heard screams from the indian and bear. when he came down 2hr 30min had passed. as he threw the bear's head at the indian chief he went into the tent to have sex with the indian princess. Total: 4hr

The third indian went up the mountain, but this time the screams were louder and more painful. All the indians thought that the 3ยบ indian was dead... After 4hr he came down, and said:

"O.k now where's the indian princess I have to kill?"


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CDPPJ_The 3 Indians

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