The 3 Bears

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Once upon a time, there were three bears; Mummy bear, Daddy bear and Baby bear.

One day they decided to go on a plane. And the pilot was happily humming to himself when a thought struck him. He would test the three bears on their knowledge.

So he said to Mummy bear: "Mummy bear, what would you do if the plane stopped in mid air and there was only two parachutes?" And Mummy bear replied: "I would give one to Baby bear and give one to Daddy bear and cling on to Daddy bear"

He asked the same question to Daddy bear, who replied: "Well i'd give one to Baby bear, give one to Mummy bear and cling on to Mummy bear"

He asked the question to Baby bear: "Well i'd give one to Mummy and give one to Daddy" "And what about you, Baby bear?" Asked the pilot And Baby bear said; "Me not daft, me not silly, me hang on to me daddys willy!"


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