Idiot test (writing required)

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You are going to need a piece of paper.

First draw a big box. Now divide it into 4 equal parts.

Leave the first box blank. Next draw a slanted roof top in the second box and draw an egg on top of it. In the next box draw an ostrich. Then next draw different shapes of different shapes.

Now for the real test. Looking at your boxes and answer the following.....

1. Think of your favorite color and write it in the box.

2. If a rooster laid that egg which way would it fall off the roof left or right?

3. Does an ostrich fly north or south for the winter?

4. Which shape that you drew is the largest?

Correct solutions......

1. If you wrote your actuall favorite color in the box you were wrong. I said write "IT" not your favorite color.

2. If you chose left or right then you are wrong. Roosters don't lay eggs.

3. If you said either north or south then you are wrong ostrichs don't fly.

4.The biggest shape you drew is the big box you drew in the begining.


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CDO7J_Idiot test (writing required)

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