Fun things to do in an elevator

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1. Push the emergency button 100 times

2. After doing step 1, no matter where the elevator is, stop it, and yell, "I gotta get to the stairs" (make sure there are a bunch of people)

3. Drop a pen and wait for somebody to reach for it and then yell, "Hey thats mine!"

4. Bring a desk and when the elevator stops, ask the person getting on if they have an appointment.

5. Stop the elevator and jump up and down screaming, "FIRE< FIRE< everybody out"

6. Carry a small person in a suitcase and have them say, " It's getting hard to breath in here," Loudly.

7. When apon entering the elevator press all the buttons and run around the elavator like a monkey

8. Sing loudly so that when passing floors, the people outside may hear you.


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