Purple Panies

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An old lady was very lonely so she decided to get a cat.She went to the humane society and got a calico.She went home and found that she didn't know what to name it.Then came the idea to name her cat the first words she heard on the radio.So she turned on the radio and the first words she heard were hairy butt.She said okay cat your name is hairy butt.

The old lady was still lonely so she went back to the humane society and got a golden retriever puppy.The same thing happened again,she didn't know what to name the puppy.She said i'll do the same thing again.She turned on the radio again and the first words she heard were purple panies,so she named her dog purple panies.

Then a week later while out walking her dog and cat she came to a plice officer.She asked him "sir would you mine holding my purple panies while i scrach my hairy butt?"


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