Toothbrush Salesman

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There was a toothbrush salesman named Fred, who worked for a lousy boss who paid him low wages, as he did his other toothbrush salesmen. But sadly, the business was failing and the boss needed ideas. Since the vice president quit and went to work for the Crest company, the boss said that whoever would sell the most toothbrushes or come up with the best idea to save the business would be the new V.P. By the end of the week Fred had sold over 750 toothbrushes, more than all the other employee's sales combined. So Fred became the V.P., and the boss, who couldn't hold his curiosity any longer asked Fred, "How did you sell so many toothbrushes?" "It was easy" said Fred. "I just stood in an elevator with a tray of shit that i molded into chocolate shapes, and whenever a person entered I would give them one." "Then they would say, "This tastes like shit!" And I would say, "It is shit. Would you like to buy a toothbrush?"


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CDMCT_Toothbrush Salesman

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