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One day, a farmer named Bob was driving down the road when he saw a farm. Relizing he needed a few animals, he went to ask if he could buy one.

"Excuse me, can I buy one of your chickens?" Bob asked the farmer. "Yes, but these are special chickens. They're called cocks. They cost extra money." Bob decided to buy it anyway.

Next, Bob asked the farmer if he could buy rooster. "can I buy one of your roosters?" he asked. "yes, but these are special roosters. They're called Pullits. They cost extra money." Bob decided to buy it anyway.

Finally, Bob decided to buy a donkey. "Can I buy a donkey?" he asked. "Yes but these are special donkeys. They're called asses. They cost extra money." Bob decided to buy anyway. Before leaving, the farmer told Bob that the donkey has fleas, so he has to scratch it about every hour.

After buying his animals, Bob drove away. On the road, a police officer stoped him. He told him he was just doing a car inspection. Then Bob remembered he had to scratch the donkey. "Excuse me sir, but could you hold my cock and pullit while I scratch my ass?"


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