Toilet Seats

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Three men go into a Walmart to buy toilet seats. They were standing in line to pay for them and started talking. The first man told the others how he had gotten a wooden toilet seat because it was the cheapest. The second man told the others that he had gotten a golden toilet seat because it was the most expensive. The third man told the others that he had gotten a singing toilet seat because he had never seen anything like it before. The men all paid for their toilet seats and went their seperate ways.

A week later, all three men came back to return their toilet seats. They started talking again. They asked the first man why he was returning he wooden seat. "It gave me too many splinters." The second man said, "I'm returning mine because the gold got too cold for me." The third man said, "Well I'm returing this singing one because every time I sit down, it stars singing 'Do You See What I See?'."


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