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Once there was an incredibly smart professor, and one day he invented a chair that was a lie detecter, and whenever someone lied while sitting on the chair would be dumped onto the floor. He was a teacher and he invited 4 of his students to test out the chair, and Diane was one of them.

He told them to talk about him, the first was a brunette girl. She sat on the chair and told him she thinks he is the best teacher she ever had, she was immediately dumped onto the floor.

The next one was a red headed boy, he sat on the chair and said that he thinks he was the last teacher he was going to kill. He was dumped onto the floor.

The next was a brown headed boy, he sat on the chair and said that he thinks he does the best lessons, and he was learning so much. He was dumped onto the floor.

Next was a blonde girl, she sat down on the chair. She said, "I think-." The next thing she knew, she was on the floor.


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CDLHX_Liar Detecter

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