Jar in the Bar

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Once a man walked into a bar and saw a huge jar on the bar table. He asked the bartender what it was for, and why so much money was in it.

The bartender said that the jar was full of $10 bills. He then said that if he put in $10 and completes 3 tasks, he would get all the money in there. The man asked what the tasks were. The bartender said that he needed to put in $10 first, it was the rule.

The man put in $10 and asked what the task was. The bartender said that he had to drink a whole bottle of pepper tequila without making a face, then he had to go out back and pull a sore tooth out of a pitbull's mouth, then he had to go upstairs and give and orgasm to a 90 year old woman who has never reached full orgasm during intercourse.

The man said that he wasn't a complete idiot and he wanted his money back. The bartender said that it remains in the jar unless he completes the 3 tasks. So the guy has 7 drinks and asked the bartender, "weherzz dazs peppeert tequeelaaaa?"

He downed the whole bottle without making a face. Then he went out back and saw the pit bull. People inside heard a dog barking, the man screaming, the dog yelping.

Then he went inside and said out loud, "Okay, now where's that old woman with the sore tooth?"


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