WIsh comes true

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OK, so there are 3 guys, and they are walking down the beach, when they find an old barnacle-encrusted bottle laying on the shore. One of the guys, says "Hey look. Its a bottle hehe", and he picks it up and throws it. It cracks against a nearby palm tree, and a blinding flash of white light engulfs them. A deep voice says "I am a Genie. I have been trapped in that bottle for over a millenium. You have freed me and it is all I can do to give you each 1 wish. Of anything you desire." So the first guy is pretty bewlidered, but he thinks (something he has not done in quite a while) and says... "uhhh... I wanna be 2 times smarter yup..." so the genie grants his wish and he becomes two times smarter, and begins to recite the multiplication tables. The genie turns to the other guy, who was slightly smarter than the first one, and asks him what he wants. The man replies, "Well, I don't want to be stupider than HE is, so let me be 10 times smarter." The genie grants his wish and he suddenly is able to recite any word out of the dictionary, and can practically do anything! The genie turns to the last guy and asks HIM what his wish is. The guy thinks hard for a moment, and the perfect wish comes to him. He says proudly, "I want to be 100 times smarter than I am now." The genie looks at him uncertainly, and tries to persuade him to wish for something else. The man gets angry, and says "MAKE ME 100 TIMES SMARTER!!!!!!" the genie sighs, and promptly turns him into a woman.


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CDKDS_WIsh comes true

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