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In a small town of no reasonable significance, there lived two boys. One day these tfour boys filled a bucket with pecans, and went to the cemetary behind a teo trees to eat them. After the two groups sat down, they started to divide the pecans, saying, "one for you, one for me..." and continuing like that. Since the bucket was so incredibly full, a few of them fell out of one group's bucket, and rolled down the slope towards a large wooden fence. On his way home, Little Billy pedaled by the tall wooden fence that enclosed the cemetary, and heard the boys speaking, "one for you one for me..." With his overactive imagination, Billy thought of a horrible explanation and ran screaming towards town. At the first person he saw, an old man, he yelled at him-"Sir! Saint Peter and the devil are down by the wooden fence dividing all the souls in the cemetary!" The man was highly annoyed, but decided to follow Billy to the cemetary. As they reached the gate, they heard the voices dividing the nuts. THe old man, deciding Billy was right, said to him,"I always wanted to see the devil, lets go and take a look." As they were about to round the corner of the fence, they stopped and listened to the voices again. One voice said, "That's all of them, now lets go get those two nuts down by the fence," then the other voice said, "yeah! then we can take their nuts after we're done getting those two!


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