The Mexican's Dream...

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One day there was a Indian, a Italian, and a Mexican. All three were friends, so they went to the circus together to celebrate their 20th year as imigrants in America.

While in the circus, the Indian found a mysterious lamp. The Indian showed the lamp to the others, and the Italian says, "Ohh, my friend, I tihnk that's the lamp of a genie! Try rubbing it." As the Italian had said before, this was a genie lamp, and, a genie came out.

Poof! The genie came out of the lamp. "Hello!" said the genie. "I am a genie. I will give each one of you a wish. but the wish has to compare to something." the genie said. "For example, you could say you would like your wife to be as hot as the sun. Or as hot as good looking as some famous celebrity." said the genie.

The Indian thought about it and replied, "I wish my seven eleven was as big as Paris Hilton's house! Poof! The genie makes the seven eleven a luxury, huge building.

Then, the Italian thinks about this. he replies, "I wish my pizzas tasted as good as heaven." Poof! His pizzas were the best that could be.

Finally, it was the mexicans turn. He thought and thought, and finally he replied, "I wish all the grasses were emo so they would cut themselves!"


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by Dashelle S. 1+ years ago

The last one is not a comparison. Its an explaination.

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