the not so bright guy part 3

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One day there were three builders sitting on a ledge and one of them says.

OMG if my wife pack me this stupid lunch one more time i am going to jump off this ledge"

the next guy opens his lunch and says

OMG if my dumb wife packs me this same lunch again imma jump off this ledge to

the not so bright guy saw that he had the same lunch and said

OMG me too

The next day, at lunch on the ledge the first guy opens his lunch pail and sure enough it's the same lunch so he jumps off the ledge

The next guy opens his lunch and sure enough he jumps off the ledge too

Across the street their wives are having lunch and realize what they are doing so they call the police.

whne the not so bright guy opens his lunch sure enough it's the same thing so he jumps.

next thing ya know everybody surrounding the dead bodies and the guys' buddies all say that they threatened to jump off the ledge if their wives packed them the same lunch again.

the not so bright guys wife looks around and says "but my husband packs his own lunch"


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CDGZK_the not so bright guy part 3

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