Johnny Humper Fester

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One day Johnny Humper Fester was walking in the woods. He crashed into this girl who's nickname was Cookie. Everyone knew she loved cookies and she was just was obsessed with them. So Johnny said if you come to my house I'll give you a cookie. So she came to his house and he gave her a cookie from the kithcen. He said if you go to my room I'll give you another cookie. So she did and he gave her a cookie. Now he said if you take your clothes off and go on the bed and make out and have sex with me I'll give you a cookie. So she did and he gave her another cookie. Next Johnny took off his clothes and got on the bed. They started to have sex.

While they were doing this Johnny's mom walks in and says: JOHNNY HUMPER FESTER.

And Johnny says I'm tryin I'm tryin!!


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CDG8C_Johnny Humper Fester

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