A Senators Big Decsion

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This angel named St. Pual comes down to earth and finds Senator Jonnie and tells him his time on erath is up. And he gives him the choice of Heavan or hell.Senator Jonnie can't figure out where he wanted to go. So he asks the angel if he can spend 24 hours in each then make his decision. The angel accepts. So they get on the elevator and go down, he says here you go. Senator Jonnie walks off and sees all his freinds down there parting having a good time with satan and playing golf. He enjoys himself alot while down there. Time flys before he even knows it then St. paul says it is time to go to heavan now. So he says alright. He gets on the elevator goes to heavan and steps off. There are harps playing and it is really peaceful relaxing. he enjoys himself there as welll. but when St. Paul comes back to ask him of his decision he chooses Hell. So the Angel said ok and took him straight down. When he gets off he sees flames and people being tortured and everything and everyone looks real miserable. he ask wait when I was down here before it was really fun this doesn't look fun at all. Satan says that is because when you were down here before we were campaigning.


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CDFQA_A Senators Big Decsion

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