girl's birthday

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Ok, so it's this girl's birthday and she asks her father "dady can i take a shower with you?" "No" her father says strictly. "but it's my birthday!" the girl says. "Okay,okay, just don't look down says the father. And she looks down and says "Dady Dady whats that?!" "That's my snake" the father replies. Then she goes and asks her mother if she can take a shower with her. The mother says "No" in the same tone as the father. "but it's my birthday!"the girl says. "okay,okay,just don't look up or down"she says. So the girl looks down and says "mommy mommy whats that?! "that's my garden" said the mother "ok, but wht are those dangly things up there?" asked the young girl "those are my headlights. now get out, and take a bath, its bedtime."

"ok" said the little girl, and she went off to bed Late that night, she couldn't sleep, so she went into her parnt's room to see if she could stay with them.

She couldn't see her parents, so she pulled off the covers, and screamed

"momy mommy turn on your headlights theres a snake in your garden!!"


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CDFFP_girl's birthday

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