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One day a blonde walked into best buy lokked around for three hours and finally decided waht she wanted. so she walked up to the nearest clerk and asked:

"How much is this TV?" he replied:

"sorry we don't serve dumb blondes here"

She thought 'how rude' but then across the street she saw a wig shop. dink. Her lightbulb lit halfway up. She went across the street into the wig shop and got a red-head wig. She then went back across the street and asked the same clerk:

"How much is this TV?"

"sorry we don't serve dumb blondes her"

She did the same thing as last but this time she bought a Multi-colored wig. went back across the street and asked the same clerk:

"How much is this TV?"

he replied:"Sorry we don't serve dumb blondes here"

Long story short........she ripped off the wig and yelled: "How do you keep knowing imma dumb blonde?!!!!!"

Everyone started to laugh and make commentsw 'aww she's as dumb as my unborn baby' 'hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha'. Finally a brunette got tired of it and whispered in the blonde's ear: "That's not a TV it's an OVEN".............................P.S. if anyone knew that joke i bet ur weren't expecting my twist oh GO KINGS!!


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