Wells Fargo and the Indian

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So back in the 1850's, a package had to be delivered from Sacramento to Omaha.

Wells Fargo had already hired a stagechoach driver. They just needed someone to ride shotgun. A guy in a saloon heard them asking people so he volunteered.

Now they're riding along, all is fine, when an angry indian sees them run over his dog and starts to chase after them.He had a late start, so he was well behind stagecoach. The guy riding shotgun says,"Hey, hey! There's an indian chasing us!" Then the man up front says,"Okay, well about how far away is he?" "I can't tell! I don't no how to measure with my eyes." "Well, alright. Uh.. how big is he?" The guy in shotgun measures with his fingers and tells the driver,"About this big," and holds up two fingers about an inch apart."Okay, well he's still pretty far behind. We're not in danger." Then about fifteen minutes later the guy in shotgun says,"Hey,hey! He's getting closer!" "Well how big is he now?" "This big." The guy holds up his hands about a foot and a half apart."It's no big deal. He's still pretty far behind." Then ten minutes later the guy yells,"Wow, sir! He's alot bigger now!" The driver is starting to worry a little now."How big is he?" The other guy responds,"Huge! I can't show him on my arms!" This freaks the driver, so he tells the man to shoot. The man responds,"I can't shoot him," the shotgun man says offendedly, holding two fingers up an inch apart,"I've known him since he was this big!"


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