A good 13 yr. old boy doing the jokes

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Yo mama so ugly,she can trick-or-treat on the telephone.

Yo mama so ugly,her mama has to put a t-bone steak to make the dogs play with her.

Yo mama so fat,she uses the equater as her belt.

Yo mama so poor,she has to put a McDonalds milkshake on layaway.

Yo mama so poor,she was kicking a can down the road i said "What are you doing" she said, "moving."

Yo mama so fat,she was going to McDonalds and on the way she tripped over Wendys and landed on Burger King.

Yo mama so fat, she made godzilla look like an action figure.

Yo mama so fat,when I met her I wanted to shake her hand and she had to give me directions.

Yo mama so stupid,she got locked up in a grocerey store and starved to death.

Yo mama so poor,I stepped on a cigerette she said, "Who turned off the heater?"

That's all I got for now I'll think of some more later


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CDDDL_A good 13 yr. old boy doing the jokes

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