What I learned from monster movies (Part 2)

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-Military advisors cannot draw well.

-Most monsters are named after how they sound.

-Handheld assult rifles have a range of up to 250 feet, sometimes even more.

-Commercial ariliners spout fire from the back of their engines.

-If they sky becomes a light blue after nightfall, it's morning.

-Either the Tokyo Tower of the Capital Building will be destroyed in every movie.

-By flapping your wings VERY hard, you can create sonic waves capable of screwing up advanced satelite computers.

-Having a hole punched through your wings destroys your ability to flap them. You can still fly, though.

-Shooting a monster with a pistol or throwing torches at it is not a good idea.

-There is something called a tranquilizer missle. And it actually works.

-There's a ton of monsters buried in the South Pole.

-It's not the missle that hurts the monster, it's that strange second explosion that appears 5 seconds later.

-Being on the receiving end of a compact beam consisting of the earth's pure energy is a real no-no.

-Homeless people have a low chance of getting killed in a monser fight.

-The words "having evil in your blood" is not supposed to mean "having evil in your blood cells". (Watch the dubbed version of Godzilla: Final Wars to get what I mean. Stupid American dubbing)

-Civilians know a great deal of martial arts.

-Being commander of a ship gives you a sword, and a pretty kickass one as well.

-Ancient gods can be killed by heavy machine guns.

-Tanks shooting at point-blank range means that their shooting over a hundred meters away.

-Belts taken from soldiers have EVERYTHING in them.


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CDDAI_What I learned from monster movies (Part 2)

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