Chet the Parrot

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A man went to the pet store to get his girlfriend a pet for Christmas. He goes into the store and says the the weird clerk"My girlfriend likes parrots, do you have any parrots?" "Yes, a very speical parrot. Follow me to the back." They go into the backroom and the clerk removes a cover over a cage. "This is Chet. He is very speical parrot. Watch this..." he lights a match and places it over Chet's left foot. He started to sing Frosty the Snowman. "Wow, this is unbelievable!!" "Wait there is more!" The clerk put the match under Chet's right foot. He started to sing Rupolph the Rednosed Reighdeer. "I definetly have to buy this... this.. Chet! How much." "Well, how about $35?" "Ok, deal." The clerk tried to pick up Chet but he wouldn't get up. All of a sudden, the match went underneath the parrot's legs. He cleared his throat and stared to sing: "Chet's nut roasting over an open fire!"


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CDCWD_Chet the Parrot

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