Golf in heaven

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Jim and Joe had known eachother since childhood, and were almost brothers, and every sunday since each were 20, they went to the local golf course to play 18 holes, neither of them ever missed a sunday. They are now both 85, and are still the best of friends.

One day, while golfing, Jim turned to joe and said; Joe, we are reaching the end of our lives, and we have always watched eachother's backs, so I was thinking, who ever leaves this world first, will stay a week in heaven and then come back down here, play a final round of golf, and then tell the other if there is golf in heaven. Agreed? Joe agreed, and they went on to play the round.

Only six months later, joe passed away. Jim was golfing by himself a week later when on the first hole, joe appeared out of thin air! Jim was not surprised though, he remembered the deal they had made. So they said hi, and started to golf. At the end of the round, Joe turned to jim and said; Jime, I have good news and bad news about golf in heaven. The good news is that they have hundreds of different courses, groomed to perfection, and free golf balls, clubs, and rounds! Well then what could possibly be the bad news? exclaimed joe. Well, I checked the tee times, and your due for next thursday!


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