John's Last Words

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A wealthy man named John Schmittenberger got into a tragic car accident. He was paralyzed and needed an oxygen tank.

The doctors found out he would die if they did not perfrom an expensive surgery. John, being the wealthy man he was, was able to pay for it. But since there was always the chance something could go wrong, he called a priest to confess all his sins to so if he died, he would be able to go to heaven as a pure soul.

The priest arrived. Just as he arrived, John's face turned a horrible purple. The priest knew something was wrong and quickly handed John a pencil and paper. John managed to scribble something before he passed away.

The priest decided to read this at his funeral, as he wanted all of his longtime friends to hear John's last words.

At the funeral, the time came to read the words. It was a large funeral, as John was wealthy, and had many friends.The priest read the following words:

Get off my tank_______________________


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