Fidel Castro in Heaven

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Fidel Castro dies and arrives in heaven. When he gets to the pearly gates Saint Peter says "I'm sorry Castro, but you have to go down to hell." SO castro goes down to hell, and when he gets there the devil greets him and says "Oh we're so glad to have you. Welcome, welcome." A few minutes later Castro says "I forgot my suitcases in heaven." So the devil says "Oh, no problem, I'll send some of my minions to fetch it for you." So when the 2 minions get to heaven they see that Saint Peter is out to lunch and the gates are closed with the suitcases just on the other side. So they decide to climb the fence. Just as they start climbing Saint Peter comes back and sees them so he says "Good god, Castro is in hell for 10 minutes and we already have refugees."


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by tan h. 1+ years ago

me too! lols

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by Cameron S. 1+ years ago

He's the old Cuban President.

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by elly j. 1+ years ago

who's fidel castro?? it would be funny if i knew who he was.

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CD7WR_Fidel Castro in Heaven

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