The boy without ears

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A man named Bob got a really great promotion. His boss invited him over for dinner. The boss says " I have a son with no ears, you are welcome, as long as you don't make fun of him." Bob says," No sir! I would never do that!"

That night as Bob arrived at his bosses house he was a bit nervous. He walked in and sat down at the table. The son comes in and Bob is secretly stunned.

A few minutes into dinner Bob just couldn't help but stare. The son says, "I know you're staring at me cause I don't have any ears." "No!" says Bob. " I'm just admiring your hair, it's so thick, take care it so you won't be bald like me."

Later, Bob just can't help it. He stares again. The son says, "I know you're staring at me cause I don't have any ears." "No!" says Bob. "I'm just admiring your skin, it's so clear and smooth, take care of it so you won't be wrinkled like me."

A while later, Bob thought, "I have got to see this one more time!" He stares again. The son says, "I KNOW YOU KEEP STARING AT ME CAUSE I DON'T HAVE ANY EARS!" "No!" says Bob, "I'm just admiring your eyes, take care of em' son, cause you sure as hell can't wear glasses!"


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